Wedding Dress Express Clean inc. Preservation Box


Dorothy understands that sometimes you just need to make it happen. So she decided to offer an express clean which reduces the turnaround of your wedding dress to 2 weeks. So, from the moment you reach out, her team will get to work straight away and ensure your dress receives only the best treatment in the quickest time frame.

With meticulous attention to detail, Dorothy will clean and restore your wedding dress to its original beauty, leaving you with a garment that will shine just like on your wedding day. Dorothy's goal is to help you relive the joy of that special day every time you see or wear your dress.

Dorothy takes great pride in providing a magical experience that exceeds your expectations, leave it for Dorothy to do.

2 Week Turnaround

Includes a Preservation Box

Dorothy's Express Clean guarantees your dress will be cleaned within 2 whole weeks. Her team will work their magic and make sure it's sent out for delivery and on its way back to you.